Facts about the person

Jennifer Burghoff

Diplom-Designer (FH)

I have been working as a freelance communication designer since 2007. In both advertising agencies and companies, I have realised a variety of projects by designing print and online media.


My competence are clear designs which emphasize the very essence of a message. I always keep an eye on the whole project and stand up for reasonable solutions – even if it is inconvenient.


I like working with personalities who tackle things in a different way. With companies that create sustainable products or services for their customers. Because I want to accept my responsibility for the environment, for human beings and for the economic efficiency of my designs.


Since 2016 beside the job I study Permaculture design.



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Freelance Graphic Design, since 09-2016
Pachinger - Ayurveda and Yoga, Dachau, www.ayurveda-pachinger.de


Freelance Graphic & Web Design, since 01-2015
VEAT - Verband Verband Europäischer Ayurveda Mediziner und - Therapeuten e.V., Nassenfels, www.ayurveda-verband.eu


Freelance Graphic & Web Design, since 10-2013
Dialog hoch 4 - Coaching, Supervision, Training and Mediation, Frankfurt am Main, www.dialoghoch4.de


Freelance Graphic & Web Design, since 02-2013
GFRI - Growth Fund for Renewable Infrastructures, www.gfri.lu

Freelance Graphic & Web Design, since 12-2012
Dynafinance Group, www.dynafinance.com


Freelance Graphic & Web Design, since 04/2012
Rosenberg Ayurveda Akademie und Kurzentrum & Rosenberg Ayurmed, Birstein


Freelance Graphic & Web Design, since 03/2012
TMC The Marketing Company, Marketing-agency, Frankfurt am Main, www.the-marketing-company.de


Freelance Graphic & Web Design, since 12-2011
Magnetec GmbH, www.magnetec.de


Freelance Graphic & Web Design, since 11-2010
Quick Kommunikation, Frankfurt am Main, www.quick-kommunikation.de


Freelance Web Design, since 08-2011
Guillaume Films, Frankfurt am Main, www.guillaume-films.com


Freelance Graphic Design, since 10/2010
heart on top design, Design agency, Darmstadt, www.heart-on-top.com


Freelance Graphic & Web Design, since 12-2007
ProCon Video, www.motion-area.de


Freelance Graphic Design / Flash, since 11/2007
DEMAT GmbH, AIRTEC, EUROMOLD, Fairs and Exhibitions, Frankfurt am Main,
www.airtec.aero / www.euromold.com


Freelance Graphic Design / Flash, since 06/2007 - 2008
oktoNet, Werbeagentur, Frankfurt am Main, www.oktoNet.com

Freelance Graphic Design, since 03/2007
medijan Multimediaproduction, Jan Lochner, Frankfurt am Main, www.medijan.de


Internship Graphic Design, 05/2005 – 09/2005
L‘Intrus, Graphic agency, Barcelona, Spain, www.lintrus.net

Internship Advertising / Graphic, 12/2001 – 03/2002
McCann-Erickson, Advetising agency, Frankfurt am Main, www.mccann.de

Internship Photography, 06/2000 – 07/2000
Markus Hintzen, Photographer, Frankfurt am Main, www.markus-hintzen.com

Internship Graphic Design, 05/2000 – 06/2000
Schaafhausen, Grahic agency, Frankfurt am Main, www.schaafhausen.com