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My motivation

Sustainability is an affair of the heart for me. It is my vision to be a role model by what I do every day.


The principles of permaculture are an infinite source of inspiration for me. Everything in life is part of a cycle which is running permanently and in accordance with nature. I want to find out how I can follow this concept in my professional and private life.


Put in concrete terms, I strive for:

· Dealing carefully and on an equal basis with other human beings. What I give out will come back to me.

· Not acting on my own but as part of a community. Together we can make a big change!

· Not producing any waste. Everything is a precious resource that can be reused.

What I do in order to act in a sustainable way:


In my profession

· I work for companies who contribute to making the world worth living in.

· I recommend printing house with organic certification.

· I design advertising media which have a multiple purpose.

· I watch out for fair products in all stages of the design process.

· I advise my customers on reaching their advertising objectives in an economic way.


In everyday life

· I purchase my food from small manufacturers or in organic grocery stores.

· I purchase electricity from a green power supplier.

· I am involved in permaculture farming projects.

· I am practising non-violent communication.

Any suggestions how I can intensify my approach of sustainability? Tell me! I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with you.