Everybody is a winner

I would like to accept responsibility for the effects of my work. It is my vision to develop design solutions which are fair towards the environment and towards the people involved in the production processes.


It goes without saying that financial aspects will be considered, too. For example, advertising material can be sustainable as it is usable for a long period of time. In a different case, non-durability can be an advantage: How about using a packing that is self-decomposing, thus saving the cost of waste disposal?


Together we can make sustainability a philosophy which inspires your whole company. This approach has the potential to evoke sympathy and credibility both among customers and employees.


... is gaining ground

 My design concepts follow the example of nature. Natural processes are running in cycles. Everything produced by nature has a multiple use. When a leave has fulfilled its primary purpose of supplying the tree with energy it falls to the ground where it will nourish the next generation of plants.

Advertising media can likewise fulfil a double purpose. An informational brochure may be transformed into a calendar which will communicate your message for a long time while at the same time pleasing the eye. A cardboard box, which protects and promotes your product, may later be used as compost. Let us together develop intelligent solutions that suit your advertising objectives just as well as the environment.


These solutions may not be perfectly sustainable yet. But they are feasible. You and your marketing definitely take a first step in the right direction. Thus your approach can inspire other human beings and your ideas have a chance of gaining ground.


... is an individual affair

Each company has its own way of communicating with its customers. For this reason we would start a common project by analysing your requirements:

• Which objective do you pursue by means of your advertising campaign?

Which message would you like to spread?

• Which target group would you like to reach?

• Which media are suitable for this purpose?


Sustainability means that advertising activities perform their task in the best possible way. This will not only go easy on resources but also on your budget.

Designing media in a user-friendly way is part of this process. It is with joy not with frustration that customers shall visit your website or read your brochure. Therefore, my designs are puristic and comprehensible. They support your message and create media that are truly made for attracting customers.


... is a learning process

Let’s not wait any longer: Let’s start acting in a sustainable way. Each project is a start and can be a breeding ground on which other initiatives will grow. Each project provides valuable experience from which we can learn for the future. If we stay attentive and review processes again and again we will advance.


Let’s think ahead. Even modest niches of sustainability may interconnect later on in order to form a more important unit. We may cooperate with a printing house using biodegradable colours. Along comes a producer of promotion items who pays decent wages to his factory workers. Step by step a community will be established.


In exchange with other companies synergy effects will be achieved. Common structures will arise that serve all parties involved. This is already a great step forward for your company and for the society as a whole, in a minor and a major context.


My motivation